June 13, 2024
daad African scholarship

The Geman Government is advertising DAAD Helmut Schmidt Grant to contribute to advancing great administration and respectful society structures in creating and rising nations.

The Helmut Schmidt Grant offers fully-funded openings with an yearly stipend of €11,208, travel and think about costs, settlement, and a specific stipend for family individuals.

In this post, we have depicted the points of interest, qualification criteria, benefits, required records, and the streamlined application strategy for the DAAD Grant.

DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship Summary

  • Host Country: Germany
  • Study Abroad: Study in Europe
  • Category: Postgraduate Scholarships | Masters Scholarships
  • Eligible Countries: All Countries
  • Reward: Full Scholarship | €11,208 Annual Stipends | Health Insurance | Travel Allowance
  • Deadline: July 31, 2024

DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship Details:

The DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship

  • offers future leaders master’s courses in disciplines that are of special relevance for the social, political, and economic development
  • prepares them in a practice-oriented course for responsible positions in or for their home regions and contributes to establishing economic and social institutions that are democratically oriented and designed to overcome social inequalities

The programme, which is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, offers the chance to acquire a Master’s degree in Master programmes of particular relevance for the social, political, and economic development in the students’ countries of origin.

In the light of the principles of Good Governance, highly qualified graduates with a first academic degree are being educated in political science, law, economics, and administration and prepared for future leading positions in their home countries.

DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship Requirements:

Graduates from developing and emerging countries (bachelor or equivalent)

  • with a well-qualified first university degree and above-average grades (upper third) in Social and Political Sciences, Law, Economics, Public Policy, and Administration
  • willing to actively contribute to the social, political, and economic development of their home countries/regions
  • who have already gained practical experience relevant for the programme (professional experience, internships, political/social commitment)

DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship Duration and Reward

The scholarship holders will receive

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scholarships (of currently € 934 per month) for master’s courses at German higher education institutions

health insurance cover in Germany

appropriate travel allowances for travel between Germany and the respective developing and emerging countries

  • a study and research grant
  • rent subsidies and family supplements, as applicable
  • preceding German language course in Germany, lasting up to 6 months; participation is mandatory.

The following deviation regarding funding benefits applies for the “Social Protection” master’s course, due to its blended learning concept: A sur-placerate of € 500 per month is paid in the 4th semester (mandatory online semester in the student’s country of origin or another developing/emerging country).

Required Documents for DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship

The required application documents are:

  • a ticked off checklist and list of criteria, signed by hand (do not insert a scanned signature), indicating place and date of issue
  • the DAAD application form “Application for a research/study scholarship” (please type your answers or make sure they are clearly legible)
  • a single letter of motivation (even when applying for two master’s courses) including a precise account of your academic, professional and personal reasons for wishing to participate in the HelmutSchmidt-Programme,
  • a curriculum vitae in reverse chronological order without any unexplained gaps (format: europass) with exact information about your studies and practical experience, including the date of issue
  • copies of your higher education degree certificates. Please provide a certified translation if the original is not in German or English and make sure these are clearly legible.
  • a copy of your full set of transcript of records including an explanation of the grading system. Please provide a certified translation if the original is not in German or English and make sure these are clearly legible.
  • confirmation of relevant professional experience orinternships and/or proof of relevant political activities or service to your community, such as volunteering or work for charities or NGOs, on headed paper, including an original (not scanned) or code certified digital signature, the date of issue and a stamp. If necessary, please provide a certified translation.
  • proof of English language skills
  • a current written reference

How To Apply for DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship 2024

To apply for the DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship, interested and qualified applicants should follow the procedures below;

  • All applications must be submitted in English or German.
  • Click on the button below to visit the DAAD Scholarship webpage
  • Please indicate clearly that you are applying for the DAAD Helmut-Schmidt Programme (Master’s scholarships in Public Policy and Good Governance).

You may apply for up to two master’s courses

1. Please read the DAAD selection criteria included in the checklist carefully. Please tick off the checklist and complete our list of criteria with your original signature (do not insert a scanned signature), indicating place and date.

2. Complete the DAAD application form ‘Application for a research/study scholarship’ only once and indicate your selected master’s course or courses, in the latter case clearly indicating your first and second priority.

3. If you are applying for two master’s courses: Please rank the courses in order of preference in your motivation letter, i.e. why your first choice of master’s course is your first choice and why your second choice is your second choice. For each choice of course, please provide clear reasons why you think it will advance you academically and professionally. You must submit the same letter of motivation to both courses you are applying for.

4. Please submit the application form to the master’s course(s) of your choice (max. two), along with the required documents (see below).


Deadline: July 31, 2024