June 15, 2024
European Union Traineeship Program 2024

The European Union Traineeship offers understudies a one of a kind opportunity to pick up firsthand involvement in EU policymaking through paid arrangements in its workplaces all over Europe.

In expansion to the riches of involvement you’d pick up in a universal setting, learners will get a living stipend of €7,625 to assist cover living costs amid the traineeship.

In this post, we have given a nitty gritty breakdown of the European Union Traineeship Program, its prerequisites, benefits, as well as the strategies to take after to effectively apply.

European Union Traineeship Points of interest:

The European Parliament offers two sorts of traineeships:

Traineeships within the Secretariat (Schuman traineeships) and Traineeships with Individuals of the European Parliament;

  • Traineeships within the Secretariat – Schuman Traineeships: The Schuman traineeships are paid and can be embraced at one of the European Parliament’s official places of work – Brussels, Luxembourg, and Strasbourg – or in its Contact Workplaces within the Part States.
  • Traineeships with Members of the European Parliament: Individuals of the European Parliament may offer paid traineeships at their workplaces within the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels (or Strasbourg) based on an understanding with the European Parliament.

European Union Traineeship Program Summary

  • Host Country: European Countries
  • Category: Internships | Training
  • Eligible Countries: All Countries
  • Reward: Training | €7,625 Stipends
  • No IELTS Required
  • Deadline: May 31, 2024

Eligibility Requirements for European Union Traineeship 2024

To be considered for the European Union Traineeship, you must:

  • be matured 18 or over;
  • be nationals of a Part State of the European Union or an accession/candidate nation (nationals of other countries can moreover be advertised);
  • hold a university-level recognition;
  • have an exhaustive knowledge of one of the official EU dialects and great information of a moment (citizens of non-member States must have great information of either English, French, or German);
  • give a qualified criminal record;
  • not have worked, or have benefitted from any other sort of traineeship, for more than two continuous months in an EU institution, body, or agency;
  • not have carried out a think-about visit to the Secretariat of the European Parliament six months earlier to the starting of the traineeship.

Benefits of European Union Traineeship 2024

Learners get a monthly allow, the sum of which shifts by area due to distinctive living costs over Europe. On normal, learners can anticipate getting roughly €1,524.59 per month.

This budgetary bolster is outlined to offer assistance to cover living costs amid the traineeship

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Length of European Union Traineeship 2024

The European Union traineeships are granted for a period of five months:

  • Traineeship period 1 October-28/29 February
  • you’ll be able to apply from 1 to 31 May
  • Traineeship period 1 March-31 July
  • you’ll be able apply from 1 to 31 October
  • Unconstrained applications will not be considered.

How to Apply for European Union Traineeship 2024 (Step by Step)

To apply for the European Union Traineeship Program, all interested and qualified applicants should do the following;

  • click on the button below to visit the European Union webpage
  • proceed to the traineeship application webpage
  • select and apply for a maximum of three traineeships;
  • if you are shortlisted, you will be required to provide certain supporting documents to prove your eligibility;
  • if you are selected, you will get an official Admission Letter via email.


Deadline: May 31, 2024